“The only way to
make sense out of
change is to jump in,
move with it and
join the dance”

Alan Watts

move design

Design, like poetry, communicates
before it is understood. It has the power
to move us, to inspire us. To enhance
everyday experiences and define an
exciting vision for the future.

creative vision


Move collaborates with companies to create a powerful vision for their brand, products and services. Combining empathy, passion and experience to deliver products people love and build stronger brands. [+]

shaping emotions

Strong relationships with consumers don’t happen by chance. Successful companies are able to orchestrate their brand vision with an exciting portfolio of products and services. Move helps companies uncover their unique brand essence, define a strong and actionable vision and deliver a delightful user experience for every brand touch-point.

brand essence

A brand is the essence of one’s unique story. Identifying that essence and ensuring the user perception matches it is no small task. It requires a clear vision and a solid strategy to deliver such a message across every single touch-point.

design strategy

A clear design strategy allows companies to implement a coherent product portfolio that reinforces the brand essence for each consumer interaction. From products and services to environments and digital marketing.

experience design

Ultimately, it is the combinations of all these interactions that determines the user’s perception and relationship with the brand. Every experience must delight the consumer but also build on each other to reinforce the overall brand message.

move design hasselblad x1d
move design hasselblad x1d




Vision and strategy mean little without great execution. Here are some examples of products, services and environments we have helped create over the years to support our partners’ vision.




From small start-ups to large multinationals, our partners’ common denominator is their intrinsic desire to create fantastic products for their customers. Here are some of the best known ones. [+]

Over the years we have had the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of companies around the world. Sometime as consultants and sometimes as part of their in-house team. Some of them have even been kind enough to write lovely things about us.
“Ignacio’s work for Hasselblad – specially on the design of the Hasselblad X1D – had a dramatic effect reigniting our brand and ultimately on the company’s performance.”

Perry Oosting CEO. Hasselblad
“Ignacio has consistently excelled in the area of creative direction setting and synthesising high level strategic and brand positions to tangible design solutions.”

Jim Wicks Senior Vice President. Motorola
“Not only were his and his team’s designs fresh, sophisticated and innovative – Ignacio is also very good when communicating the work in an inspiring and articulate manner.”

Moni Wolf Principal Design Director. Microsoft
“The concept quality of their products and visions has been impressive and is only surpassed by the attention to detail he and his team have put into the final product.”

Daniel Shubert Design Director. Vodafone
“With a natural affinity for design he is confortable creating not only mind-stretching visions, but implementing practical solutions that deliver deep and meaningful experiences for people.”

Richard Eisermann Design Director. IDEO
“Ignacio connects with leaders at the highest level through his passion for design. He is a great motivator and connects with people through his understanding of what makes consumers tick”

Natalie Harrison Global Head of PR. Airbnb
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sony design language
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huawei design strategy
xerox environment design
hasselblad product design
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Move was created in 2015 by Ignacio Germade as a platform to collaborate with brands and like minded individuals in the development of products and services that create strong emotional connections with consumers. 

ignacio germade
“We all make choices with our hearts and justify them with our heads. It is important for companies fully understand the value of building emotional relationship with consumers. Ultimately, brand loyalty and brand value are linked to people’s emotional attachment rather than their rational examination of a brand”  
Ignacio is a designer and creative director specialised in brand experience design and innovation. He has over 25 years of experience working with companies around the world creating successful products and helping build stronger brands. [LinkedIn]


Move Design motorola design studio
Move Design motorola design studio